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What’s Mercado?

Welcome to our world

Do you know the kind of people that color inside the lines? We are the other kinds. We don’t offer out-of-the-box ideas. We box up old ideas and chuck them out of the window.  Mercado Global Media is an independent digital media agency that has the brains to dish up sensible ideas and the whack to produce inspired creations that push the boundaries of creativity and imagination relentlessly and effortlessly. Our team is an assortment of young and experienced people, who are always on the lookout for the roads less traveled, so we can go down the path and mark our territory. Our services and products are an extension of the same ideology and we ensure that we hit a home run with every brief.

Our Services

An array of ideas

Search Engine Optimization

How many times have you found what you are searching for in one go? The hit-rate isn’t all that great, is it? That’s where Search Engine Optimization comes in. We know you have a great product and your brand has its A-game on. But the world doesn’t know that yet. Let our SEO chiefs do their magic and watch the visits to your website hit the roof!

Web Analytics

Measuring and processing the web traffic to your website is a task. But it’s a task for us, not for you. All you need to do is hand over that responsibility.

Graphic Designing

Every communication today is visual and we make sure that we convey our message, loud and clear with our designs. Our team of graphic designers is a bunch of artists waiting to fill color on a blank page.

Inbound Marketing

You know how media jargons can confuse you? Worry not. All the nitty-gritties of the media world are for us to know and for you to find out. We will channel our expertise to draw out customers to your website.


Leave the snooping business to us. We’ll do it discreetly and retarget the right audience for your website based on their previous actions on the net. The online world is funny, but we do know the tricks to make you laugh.

Media Production

The world of media just got bigger with the entry of the digital mediums. Media production is a big chunk of every campaign these days. So why would you not venture into this world? Allow us to ease you into it.

Web Development

In the virtual world, your website is the gateway to your home. Our website development skills are on point and we make sure your website is all about you. No frills, just plain and simple communication that makes sure the spotlight remains on your services and products.


Never underestimate the power of proper branding. A good branding exercise and strategy can take your business to new heights, one that you didn’t even imagine. And we’re here to let you soar.

Lead Generation

Our sales team ensures that they work in tandem with the creative team to develop strategies that promote maximum lead generation for your company. Trust us, you won’t be sorry.

Search Engine Marketing

Paid advertising is the definite way to increase the footfalls for your website. And we know how to get the numbers rolling. Our experts while construct your website in the manner that promotes your brand.

Social Media Marketing

The world is where we exist. But the world of social media is where we thrive! Today, one can identify their target audience on social media and can ensure that they are being communicated to directly. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Hangouts and what not; we’re the masters of this universe.

Content Marketing

You’ve heard it a million times. How about you take it seriously, this one instance? ‘Content is king’ and we handle the throne to the best of our capabilities, creating content for your target audience.

Why Mercado?

Diversely Talented Team

Our team is our strength and we pride in the fact that they are the backbone of the company. Different minds, with vast skill sets; we are all working towards a common goal of keeping our clients happy. And boy! Do we succeed!

Realistic Pricing

Money is often a deal breaker. But not with us. Our clients are spoilt for choice with the wide array of services we offer for a price that comes as a surprise! Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself.

Industry Proven ROI's

We follow a simple policy – only the best shall pass. And our quality standards are pretty high. We maintain the best media tools from the industry because we don’t believe in cutting corners.

One Stop Digital Solution

No matter what your digital concern, we have an answer for everything. We are and aspire to be your go-to digital experts!

Creative & Tech Driven

It is not either or for us. With us, you get to have the cake and eat it too! Our creative team and tech team work towards a common goal of delivery the best in class.

Timely Delivery

While the whole world can cry over deadlines, we see it as the finish line to a race. And we always love to come first. Whatever the commitment, we make sure we deliver and how!

Satisfied Customers

Our Clients

I must say that Mercado definitely has an enthusiastic team overflowing with passion. Your one-stop solution made my marketing side of business a smooth process.

Jayaraj K Nair, Unicap Interiors Pvt Ltd

I am very impressed with Mercado Global Media’s quality of work. Your excitement from the beginning to getting our business to the top has been unparalleled.

Our Associated Partner

Steps to Digital Success



The leaders of our teams sit down and take on a proper creative brief, making sure there are no loopholes. After all, we want to lie all the loose ends at this very stage working with you.


After a series of brainstorming sessions that happen behind closed doors, we arrive on our big idea for your digital campaign. Countless coffees later, you are sure to get something that caters to all your needs.


The first step we take towards achieving the goal after you’ve given us the green signal is when we first sit on the drawing board and chalk out our plan. At this stage, you will be bought it to see if we’re on the right path.


No masterpiece is complete without the final touches. These touches are based on analytics and data that ensure success for the campaign. It’s your project but we own up to our standards.

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There is no us, without you! And we are looking for our next big project – YOU!

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