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When words alone cannot do the talking, we do the art. Do take a splash! 

About Us

We Are An Awesome Agency

Everyone must have heard about Porthos, Aramis and D’Artagnan popularly known as ‘The Three Musketeers’? If Musketeers were 3, we Mercadians are 6! Thankfully, all are blessed with 6 individual skills that made us the indomitable force in the digital world today. The moment we found that we all possess the skills and abilities needed to make a mark in the advertising and digital world, the first reaction was ‘Let’s do it’.


We are


How does an e-commerce company raise its conversion to 500% through the Facebook Dynamic Catalogue ad?

Through Facebook's dynamic ads, we enable you to automatically promote your entire product catalogue across Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network. And what’s more, you don’t have to create specific individual ads. We help you do it and much more.

Are you worried about setting up dynamic Facebook catalogue ads for your e-commerce platforms?

The options are aplenty, but it gives you maximum results only when it is handled by experts like us. We can create a dynamic ad with the carousel, single image or collection ad format.

Are you facing difficulty in getting conversions through your Google merchant ads?

There are many techniques and ways to get maximum conversions through Google merchant ads. One of them is to improve your data feed quality.

Are you eager to buy programmatic ad inventory?

Programmatic advertising is the automated buying and selling of online advertising. This automation makes transactions efficient and more effective, streamlining the process and consolidating your digital advertising efforts in one technology platform. We do a thorough analysis of programmatic ads and help you choose the one that suits your brand and business.

Are you struggling to find the right leads for your business?

There can be many reasons for this – You may be using the wrong tools or otherwise you may not be in the right ‘company’. We help you correct both: We have the right techniques along with the right army to bring effective and efficient leads that has the potential to take your business to the next level.

Are you on the lookout for a digital makeover for your brand?

A breath of fresh air is always good for you and the brand. It helps you to reassess the goals and add some new ideas to the journey.

First Step

Mutual Understanding of Need and Service

We believe in destiny, so meeting you will be destined in our diary. So, it doesn’t matter how it conspire, it can be through a cold call or a simple Google search. Best of all, you can directly walk-in and start a ‘digital partnership’ with us!

Second Step

Price Matters, Results too

Everything in this world comes at a price, particularly when it yields results. So, our ‘digital partnership’ should be proclaimed as the one with a price that makes us happy and you happier with clutter-breaking creatives and outstanding results.

Third Step

The Beginning of a Partnership

There is no master and student between us. We are equals working tirelessly for our mutual betterment.

Get a crisp look at the happenings of the digital advertising industry right here


Creative Thinking And Design

Creativity often doesn’t come to us in an orderly manner. That’s why you can find more papers and books in our office than people. The mantra is simple to crack the creative code: stay original, stay artistic.


Digital Branding And Marketing

Truth be told, digital marketing is one of the most overcooked terms in this modern era. We know that and take it as a responsibility to bring an authentic digital feel to the brands and products we associate with without overcrowding it.


SEO, Analytics & Marketing

Okay, all the brainstorming sessions have become productive and taken the shape of wonderful designs and content. Now lies the most important aspect: how to make sure this reaches out the right kind of audience that yields the maximum results? Say the magical three letters – SEO – and we will do nothing short of magic to make sure your brand is seen by people who want to or are in need of you.


Thinking Outside The Box

Normal stuff won’t do, just think outside the box, we have been told many a time. But the reality is great ideas often are found INSIDE the box only. But still, there is no harm in thinking outside the box once in a week, day or hour depending upon your state of mind. Confused? Just think outside the box!

We work on a ROA basic

Businesses are about efficiency: making the best use of available resources. We apply Return on assets (ROA) formula on our lucrative endeavours for the best results.

Increased Sales Conversion

We employ proven strategies that help to boost our sales conversion effectively.

Optimal Lead Generation

We make use of the best tools to generate leads that help us to grow as a business venture.

Advanced Analytical Report

Using sophisticated techniques and tools to discover deeper insights, make predictions, or generate recommendations.

Methods that create Magic

We believe in our ability to create magic to the brands with our sophisticated, yet grounded techniques which yields surprisingly good results.

Team with 15+ years of experience

With proven expertise and accolades in digital, print and social media platforms, we help our clients identify and solve their market needs and challenges.

If you like what you saw and read till now, visit us to get to know more about us. The coffee is on us!!

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