Five major purposes of WhatsApp Business

By now, most of us have been aware of WhatsApp’s variant, WhatsApp Business that is entirely different from the standard version of WhatsApp. WhatsApp Business is aimed at connecting businesses and clients and was designed as a platform to make quick and easy communication with customers and manage their requirements. The article digs deep into the details about the major purposes of the WhatsApp business and how it helps the business owners to reach out to their clients.

1. Cementing great brand connections.

WhatsApp Business assures providing businesses with a closed, personal environment in which to communicate one-on-one with their customers. With WhatsApp, organizations create ‘Business Profiles,’ a unique, business identity. This allows you to provide specific information like phone contact, email-id, store addresses, website URLs, social media links, and suitable business details or offers. Moreover, your WhatsApp Business profile allows you to introduce your brand personality with every customer interaction.

2. Connecting with customers where they already are.

Dimensions Data study report states that nine out of ten consumers prefer using messaging to communicate with businesses, and, according to Nielsen, 56% would rather message customer service than speak to them on the phone. Smart and successful firms know that to deliver great and uncompromised customer experience, they have to connect with customers where they already are.

3. Engaging customers on a global scale

If your customer base is global, know this: as of early 2018, WhatsApp is the number one messaging app in 104 countries. And it has the highest smartphone penetration rates as high as 95% in some of those countries. Because it’s free to use, WhatsApp has become the most popular app for personal and business conversations, in a short time. It has great popularity in, Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Africa, The surge of smartphone penetration in these places has increased the use of messaging apps as a preferred channel for financial transactions, as well.

4. Championing two-sided conversations.

WhatsApp offers two-way communication, i.e. businesses and customers can communicate and interact directly. Today’s customers want to reach out to businesses and have real conversations, not just respond to one-way messages they receive. This is especially true in parts of the world where two-way interactions were not possible at all due to connectivity problems, adverse regulatory norms, and poor quality of phone numbers. WhatsApp addresses these problems by being the first app to deliver quality, reliable two-way messaging around the globe. And while WhatsApp acts as an ideal platform for notifications like purchase confirmations, customer support, and delivery alerts, it also enables a more direct way to engage your customers and has the two-way conversations that normally take place in a physical store location or over the phone. Apps are progressively being used to search products and services, get reviews and consultations, make a payment, file a complaint, or chart a service call—all without having to phone, email, or even visit a brand’s website. Nowadays, these types of conversations are happening within messaging apps.

5. Messaging privately and securely.

Following the current in-country regulatory norms and compliance issues is a long-time struggle. One of the most important benefits of WhatsApp is its end-to-end encryption and protection of subscriber privacy. The inclination towards WhatsApp users is obvious: customers want a familiar but secure way to connect with businesses they’re looking forward to engaging with. And as the need for businesses to remain compliant and secure is a constant balancing act, WhatsApp safeguards firms, as well. Also with two-factor authentication (2FA) is incorporated into the app, Rest assured, that the users you’re messaging with are, authentic and genuine.

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